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Advertisement、Gift umbrellas
straight pole umbrella
two-folding umbrella
three-folding umbrella
four-folding umbrella
five-folding umbrella
Sun umbrella
Bottle umbrella
Kettle umbrella
Lamp light umbrella
Pencil umbrella
Lipstick Umbrella
Perfume Umbrella
Patent fan umbrella
Wooden sun umbrella, garden umbrella
The series of national market promotion umbrella
Sun umbrella
EVA umbrella
ultra-light umbrella
four-folding umbrella
three-folding umbrella
five-folding umbrella
Children umbrella
The series of export sunshade umbrella
Sandy beach umbrella
Straight Umbrella
Maple leaf umbrella
Sweethearts umbrella
two-folding umbrella
three-folding umbrella
four-folding umbrella
Minitype umbrella
Children umbrella
Courtyard umbrella Tent
Aluminium alloy Tent
Iron and steel tent
Leisure Pavilion
TentRack umbrella Rack
Aluminium alloy Iron and steel Tent
umbrell Accessory
Sun umbrella base
Umbrella handle
Umbrella design drawing
Color Card Series
New product Patent umbrella
Olympic Games umbrella
New product Patent umbrella
Lady umbrella
Table and chair
Plastic \Table and chair
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                                                shenzhen sheng dao umbrella factory  Establish distance of square metre Yu Zhan cover an area of 15000 in 1998, various middle of specialized production , top grade advertisement umbrella, gift umbrella series (umbrella , sun umbrella , advertisement umbrella , golf umbrella , wooden rack umbrella , winebottle umbrella , kettle umbrella , glowing umbrella , courtyard umbrella , tent) and the service taking the quickest speed as customer providing a sincerity! The factory owns a batch of consummate handling crew and develops a team. The factory is set up having: Finished product headquarter , umbrella rack part , silk seal headquarter , paper box headquarter big or small; The product has mainly: The straight bone umbrella , eighty percent discount umbrellas , seventy percent discount umbrellas , sixty percent discount umbrellas , fifty percent discount umbrellas , forty percent discount umbrellas , automation , hand are be broken , easy come untied, to collect , certainly to come untied self collect, the sun umbrella (gets lost , orientation , hand sway style and the patented product). The product adopt enter port , domestic high grade raw material to give birth to a child, and course special field design fabrication meticulously. Annual output amounts to 3 million , the distant pin of product already has become the advertisement umbrella supplier that the company appoints such as Coca-Cola , Pepsi in our companies such as Korea Republic , Taiwan , Thailand , the Europe and America country, purpose reaches our company with managing "serving stick to credit , sincere" continuing joining hands with you , together the wound is fine will not had better, only when much better tomorrow!

  Supply off the rack at a low price: Sun umbrella , wood sun umbrella , single-side umbrella , tent
  shenzhen shl sheng dao umbrella factory The old customer of Zhu Xin Happy New Year!
  shenzhen shl sheng dao umbrella factory The old customer of Zhu Xin and all walks of life friend New Year's Day be happy!
  shenzhen shl sheng dao umbrella factoryOld customer of Zhu Xin and all walks of life friend Merry Christmas!
  Fold tent specifications and push down dress method
  Sun umbrella product specifications
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